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Summer 2024
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Issue 21: Clocking and Recording littleBits. 06/18/2024. | Issue 20: Synth Soundtracks. 06/01/2024. | Issue 19: Voltage Research Lab 2. 05/15/2024. | Issue 18: Voltage Research Lab, 5 years later. 05/01/2024. |

Issue 17: Behinger 3 Tier Rack Review. 04/15/2024. | Issue #16: Solina String Ensemble. 04/02/2024.

Issue #15: Ide(a)s of March about Solina String Ensemble. 03/15/2024. |

Issue #14: Arpeggiators and ARPs. 02/29/2024. |

Issue #9: MIDI Mind Melt. 12/15/2023. |

Ten minutes of East Beast synthesizer noise for relaxation and napping followed by alarms. Instrument is East Beast by Cre8audio. It's noise may be a blend of all waveshapes rather than a straight noise generator. Alarms are created on square wave only. Modulation is by littleBits connecting to East Beast in many ways.

Quick look at oscillators on an oscilloscope. The oscillator has a square wave. The sine wave comes a self-oscillating filter, turn

Eurorackphobia is fear of an endless money pit that is analog modular synthesizers. It's a fear, not the reality.

Performance of IMPLEXUS No. 10 by Anthony Torres.

Synopsis: Korg Volca Modular Micro Synthesizer Noise! Thanks to Frank & Family for this wonderful gift!

Synopsis: Optical Illusion 40 minute Relaxation Sleep Soundtrack video with a playthrough of a Yamaha Motif-Rack XS voice. Deep rattling bass at times, so play low volume. "Tweaking this synthesizer's dials pushed me towards owning an analog synthesizer"- Anthony Torres

Synopsis: Two hour video recording of looping IMPLEXUS. More useful as white/pink noise when awake. It didn't work as a sleep soundtrack in my case. Running a sequencer would provide more tonal variation to focus on and lock onto the repetition.

Starting at zero volts, we'll connect the dots to designing and recording analog synthesizer sounds that are uniquely yours and free of licensing fees and copyright strikes.

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Buy littleBits Music Inventor Kit for $109 shipped + tax

East Beast Semi-Modular Analog Synth Instrument

I own one. For $250 you get over $400 worth of modules in a powered case ($100 value); Sequencer ($100 value); Filter ($100); Envelope Generator ($100); Oscillator and LFO ($150).

Korg SQ-1 Analog Step Sequencer / MIDI Controller
Review I own one. Very misunderstood gear that is great for live recording (versus carefully crafting each note).

Model D Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
I own two. They produce great sounds. Oh wait! As of 9/23, I own 3!

Capt'n Big-O Wavefolding Analog Eurorack Module (needs powered Eurorack case)

Nifty Powered Eurorack Case Bundle with 2 Modules

2600 Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Instrument

This ARP 2600 clone is a beautiful instrument that users sliders instead of dials. It's mixer rack huge so have a desk or table free to use it.


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